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2,0 CiH with ITB
 2020 Frank Motortechnik
The key for a successful and powerful engine is the interaction of the components. Bearing, piston and valve guide clearances are essential and the engine builder should be able to determine, machine and match parts to 1/100 mm. Therefore major parts are all machined in house. Appropriate equipment and experience is required. The “heart” of the shop is the dyno, computer controlled with a state of the art data aquisition, located in a dedictaed dyno cell with enough air and water cooling capacity plus room ventilation. Good for around 1000 PS und 11000 U/min. Apart from grinding cams and crankshafts, all major maching is done in house: - block boring and honing - rod, big and small end honing - valve seat insert maching and installation. - valve seat maching, - maching valves from blanks - valve guide maching, including reaming or honing - head porting - flowbench work - custom make wiring looms - Weber and other carbutretor tuning, as well as all major racing ECUs - dyno tuning of exhaust and intake systems
   engine building