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 2021 Frank Motortechnik

Among BMW and Opel for sure the most tuned base engine in


The cars are in Germany not as popular as Kadett C and older

BMWs and the suspensions needs a bit more attention than


2 valve versions are a good base with lots of good parts

avialable to chose from. With reasonable effort 220 reliable HP

are possible.

The 4-Valve head  is not only good for turbo charged engines,

but also in normally aspirated engines. 275 HP are possible with 

moderate rpm.

Since MLS Gaskets are available, the turbo lost one of his weak

spots. 500 HP plus and 9000 U/min with fairly low boost are not

a problem.

     Ford RS2000/Pinto/YB

Escort Cosworth, 540 Hp on 1,5 bar